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Special Cold Cutting Equipment

Essential tools for the Pipe fitter and Welder

RSW International, as the Official Distributor for DWT - PIPE TOOLS in Portugal, offers you the perfect solution for Cold Pipe cutting and beveling in your Pipe Shop or in the field.

Cold cutting equipment improves quality in various applications:

The DLW pipe cold cutting machines can also be used as special cold cutting equipment for various operations on-site. The cold cutting procedure is the best choice to avoid heat affected zones in the pipe welding process. We are also developing special equipment on request, to solve problems of our customers.

Special Equipment for Pipe Cold Cutting:

✓ Inside Counterbore DLW-CB enables making inside bevels on pipe ends.

✓ Flange Facing DLW-FF enables flange facing option on DLW Cutting & Beveling Equipment.

Outside Turning Module DLW-ETM  enables removal of External insulation of pipelines as well as overlapping weld seams.

✓ Spring Load Holder DLW-SLH enables Cutting & Beveling of out of round (oval) pipe.

✓ Deck Cutter KIT enables DLW 2-48" to cut hole in decks by using strong Magnets

✓ Inside-Out Cutter KIT enables our DLW equipment to cut pipes from the inside when needed.

Please contact us to find the best solution for your application at or use our contactform.

Special Equipment Inside Counterbore Type DLW-CB


Inside beveling device for calibration of inside diameter and inside boring of max. 200 mm depth. 6 different adaptors are available: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°.


Special Equipment Flange Facing Type DLW-FF


Flange facing device for DLW machines to regroove the flange surface, automatic feed mechanism, to be used together with DLW-CB.


Special Equipment Outside Turning Module Type DLW-ETM


The external turning module DLW-ETM can be used for external machining of heavy wall steel pipes. External insulation of pipelines as well as overlapping weld seams can be removed.

Technical Details:
  • Travel: 188mm

  • Feed depth: 25mm (50mm with two steps)

  • Feeding speed: 2mm / min


Special Equipment Spring Load Holder Type DLW-SLH


The spring load holder DLW-SLH is used for cold pipe cutting and beveling of out-of-round-pipes (oval shaped). The internal springs support the feeding of cutting and beveling tools and provide an even cut for this application.


Special Equipment Deck Cutter Kit


By using strong magnets and a special tool holder all DLW pipe cold cutter from 12 – 48 ‘’ can be converted to a deck cutter. This is a portable machine which is able to cut big holes in heavy wall plates.

Technical Details:
  • Adjust the air motor pressure to lower setting for safety

  • Adjust the feed rate as normally from the feed bracket knob

  • After the cut is finished, cut-off piece will hang from the cut-off holder

  • After the cut is finished disengage magnets and lift up the complete system


Inside-Out Cutting Kit for Pipe Cold Cutting Machine


DWT Inside-Out Cutting Kit is an extension kit to DLW Cold Cutter for cutting pipes or tanks from inside out. It contains set of extension legs that hold the machine securely in place on the inner diameter of the pipe, without leaving any arks or scratches. Feed bracket is mounted on the inner diameter of the DLW CC machine. It can be used with all DLW-sizes.

Kit Includes:
  • Mounting bracket for the feed bracket

  • Set of extension legs

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