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Pipe Welding Tools

Essential tools for the Pipe fitter and Welder

RSW International, as the Official Distributor for DWT - PIPE TOOLS in Portugal and The Netherlands, offers you the perfect solution for any Pipe fitting or Pipe welding job to make your working life easier and to achieve the best quality welds in your shop or in the field.

Pipe and pipeline welding work is nowadays a sophistic job, which requires the best equipment on-site and in the workshop. In the pipe welding process useful tools like pipe welding stands, pipe jacks, pipe alignment clamps, and pipe chain alignment clamps provide a better productivity and a more convenient and safer working environment. Simply the best e quipment to achieve a perfect pipe weld.

Next to the essential tools we also offer Magnetic Drills for Pipe, Purge Systems for Pipewelding, and many more handy equipment for your Pipe Work Shop.


If you can't find what you are looking for here, don't hesitate to contact us at or use our contactform and ask for a solution that fits your needs.

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