Pipe Beveling Equipment

Essential tools for the Pipe fitter and Welder

RSW International, as the Official Distributor for DWT - PIPE TOOLS in Portugal and The Netherlands, offers you the perfect solution for Cold Pipe beveling in your Pipe Shop or in the field.

Pipe edge preparation is the first and important step in the pipe welding process. Especially for heavy wall pipes the weld edge of the pipe end must be in a perfect shape to achieve the best welding result.

We created a unique product range for the need of the worldwide pipe related industry, where the materials become more and more sophisticated. Nowadays the wall thickness increases and materials are extremely difficult to machine. Our pipe beveling machine is able to fulfill the need of modern pipe world no matter what material or wall thickness. The portable machines are light in weight so that it can be handled by one man even climbing up ladders and scaffoldings.

The product range of the pipe beveling equipment for weld edge preparation of pipes is outstanding and very competitive.


  • extremely low weight due to aluminum construction

  • fast and secure clamping

  • inside and outside clamping machines

  • high power ratio, rugged and compact design

  • easy and safe to operate

  • very flexible for multiple operations in weld edge preparation

  • perfect quality of pipe bevel


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Total cost reduction of 50% on welding process


No more alignment, pipes are ready to weld


Easy plug connection, no further tools are needed


High quality weld preperation


OD-Mount Pipe Bevelers

 Powerfull and durable 


Quick and secure clamping


Working Range ID-OD: 0,314-1,496" (12,5-38 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 15 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 0,492-2,5" (12,5-63,5 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 15 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 0,496-2,996" (12,5-76 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 15 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 0,354 - 1,752" (9-44,5 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 10 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 0,984-5,236" (25-33 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 25 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 1,181 - 3,5" (30 - 88,9 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 10 mm


ID-Mount Pipe Bevelers



Quick and secure clamping


Working Range ID-OD: 1,063 - 6,614" (25-152 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 25 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 2,28-8,62" (58-219,1 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 25 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 3,93-18,11" (100 - 460 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 30 mm


Working Range ID-OD: 11,02-27,99" (280-711 mm)
Pipe wall thickness:

max. 36 mm


Easy to fit is the new welding solution for pipes and fittings, which enables considerable savings throughout the supply chain and can thereby boost the profit in the pipe welding process. The idea of this pipe prepping system has been developed by Erne Fittings in Austria for fitting solutions. In cooperation with DWT in Germany the perfect tools for portable pipe bevelling machines have been developed.

Min. Pipe inside diameter: 36 mm (1,41")
Pipe wall thickness:
10 mm (0,39")

Materials: steel, stainless steel, duplex, high alloyed


Heat exchanger repair equipment

Repair of an existing tube  heat exchanger can be more cost effective than buying a new unit. No matter whether it is on-site or in the shop, the repair of the heat exchanger can easily be done with the right equipment. We provide a fast and effective solution to remove pipes with a higher wall-thickness from the tube sheet. Our pipe beveling machines MF2iw and MF3iw with a special milling head removes the old pipe and makes weld preparation for the new pipe in one operation.


Range of Heat Exchanger:

0,43" - 1,10 "
Weight: 2,7 kg


Range of Heat Exchanger:

0,71" - 3,98"
Weight: 5,5 kg


Elbow beveling mandrels for MFi Series


Elbow Beveling Machine:

✓ Working Range: max. 18 inch OD
✓ Liners for easy setup
✓ Easy beveling of pipe elbows
✓ Made in Germany


A Elbow Mandrel-Kit includes:

  • "Non-damaging" clamping legs for the entire diameter range

  • Special jaws for MF4i and MF5i

  • Liners for easy setup

  • Liner extension bits for deeper setup position for TE160 and TE250

  • Required hand tools for installation

  • Packing box



Pipe Cold Cutting & Beveling Equipment


Cutting and beveling machine for heavy duty pipes.

Working Range: 2-48"

Wall thickness up to 80 mm

Ring Partial.jpg

Clamshell pipe cold cutter for Heavy Duty pipes.

Working range: 48-57"

Wall thickness up to 100 mm.


Servo-motor option for all DLW cold cutting machines.

Speed, torque and current are controlled during the process.


Special Tools & add-ons for DLW Cold cutting and Beveling equipment, Flange facing etc.