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ECO-GAS 4.0 Electronic Gas Regulator

 New generation

Eco Gas series

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Control and Economize the MIG/MAG welding process for Manual and Robotic Welding

Previous version of the ECO-GAS 4.0 is the ECO-GAS 3

The first version of the technology, is used by more than 150 companies worldwide. It fulfills the ECO-GAS primary function, which is the expressive gas economy.

Managed data:

• Welding current

• Pressure and flow of shielding gas

• Instant flow

• Accumulated flow

• Pre and post gas flow

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1. Welding current monitoring

The welding current is a determining factor in the MIG MAG process. It is what makes it possible to

form the electric arc, in other words, the fusion between the part and the consumable (wire). With this

monitoring, it is possible to verify its stability according to each process.


2. Visualization of current gas consumption

Since Eco Gas is an automatic gas regulation system, the current gas value in liters / min and CFH

(American standard) can be visualized on the device itself, therefore certifying in real time the gas

outflow flow.



3. Visualization of cumulative gas consumption

After several welding performed, you can check the cumulative consumption of gas, that is, how

much in liters / min you have used in a given period.



4. Open arc monitoring

A very important resource for production monitoring. In this way, verifying the open arc time

accurately means to know how much work has already been done, effectively.



5. Monitoring of connected equipment ECO-GAS

In addition to bringing great gas savings, the ECO-GAS 3 is also a device that search for uniformity in

the operators’ behavior, enabling the planning of preventive maintenance. In a simple way, it is possible

to verify the time of the connected equipment without an open.

6. Cycle counter

It is also easy the verification of usage cycles of ECO-GAS 3. It is a feature that helps to visualize the

productivity in welding processes. Comparing usage cycles allows management by teams, shifts or




7. Pre Flow and Post Flow Control

The gas peaks at the beginning and end of the welding process are normal, however when controlled

manually, are large waster of gas. ECO-GAS 3 you can select the initial and final flow quantity in a

safely way. It is here that the perceived economy is expressive, even in a short time.

8. Software available in three languages (Portuguese/ English / Spanish)

ECO-GAS 3 is present worldwide, as a technology that brings direct and indirect benefits to the

welding process. That´s why, its international presence demands quality information in the main

languages like English and Spanish, besides Portuguese, since it is a proudly Brazilian technology.



9. Output Flow Regulating Scales

The options are the strength of ECO-GAS 3, enabling its regulation in up to 10 options of gas flow

scale, attending to several variables.


10. All settings are password protected

Security is essential for every cutting-edge technology. The ECO-GAS 3 operation is guaranteed

through configurable passwords, thus, the manager can define all the parameters and choose which

errors will be managed by the operator or whether the manager will be necessary.


11. Indicates error due to low pressure and lack of gas

One of the most serious problems solved by ECO-GAS 3 is to prevent the lack of gas or low pressure.

The lack of gas can results in costly rework, as in the case of large areas of welding.


12. Output Flow Verification

For auditing and process standardization purposes, ECO-GAS 3 has an output flow test feature for

conference by the torch (nozzle). In this way, it is possible to verify the correct flow according to the

gas release by the equipment.



13. Interface for automation

The Industry 4.0 birth has been bringing disruptive innovations to all productive systems.

ECO-GAS 3, which accompanies this technological advance, has a friendly interface for

welding automation systems (welding robot).

Parameter control can be done by the operator through the robot itself.

It is possible, for instance, a selection from a distance the desired scale of work and reset


  1)    Wi-Fi network Factory
  2)    Client Server
  3)    Wi-Fi ECO-GAS 4.0
  4)    ECO-GAS 4.0 UNIT
  5)    Gas Supply
  6)    Power Source (Welding Machine)
  7)    Optional Voltage Sensor

         Optional Wire feed Sensor
  8)    Manual Torch or Robot
  9)    Current Sensor

10)    Work Piece



In this spreadsheet, you can simulate the gas consumption economy.


Ask for a Quote or test set-up for a week to discover if the savings are as we state, or fill in our contact form

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