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TI-1510 Laser machine


The TI-1510 laser engraving and cutting machine combines simplicity with high technology. Due to the larger working format, this is an ideal machine for larger companies and professionals.

Thanks to its stable construction, user-friendly software and control panel, this is a machine that will satisfy all needs for both novice and professional users.

With a CO2 laser engraving machine you have countless possibilities in engraving and cutting of materials such as cardboard, wood, acrylic, leather, glass (only engraving).

Due to the various expansion possibilities you can assemble the machine as you wish!

Some possible options:


  • Fast servo motors to work faster and more accurate

  • Rotation module for engraving on round objects

  • Vacuum table for a strong and flat fixture of thin plates, paper, cardboard, etc.

  • Camera alignment for contour cutting and alignment of work pieces

  • RF laser source (60 – 120 Watt) especially for high production, high resolution and longevity without loss  of power

High quality from Europe

The TI-1390 laser engraving and cutting machine is a European machine! The quality and attention to technical details guarantee a very long service life and ease of operation. The machines are still being developed with the latest technologies to this day. This machine is very popular with technical schools and various technical and graphic companies.



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Price from € 14.200,- excl. vat

Why a Trabiss International machine:

  • European quality and CE

  • Professional assistance and advise

  • Solution oriented

  • Including basic software and machine training

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