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TI-1390S laser cutting machine


The TI-1390S laser cutting machine with an effective laser range of 1300 × 900 mm, is a compact laser cutting machine for metal cutting.


With the combination of simplicity with high-quality technology, this is a very suitable machine for small companies, prototyping companies, engineer and metal production companies. With the special laser head, up to 6-8 mm stainless steel can be cut (depending on the laser power chosen).

​Possible options


Our flexible program allows you to assemble the machine the way you want. Among other things, the following options are possible:

  • Fast servo motors for quicker and more accurate working

  • RF laser source 300 – 450 Watt (CO2) with longer longevity, small laser spot (higher intensity)

Eye for quality and attention to technical details

The TI-1390S laser cutting machine is a European-built machine! We build and develop the machine with an eye for quality and attention to technical details. That is why we guarantee a very long service life and ease of operation.


The machines are still being developed to this day with the latest technologies.



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Price from € 20.850,- excl. vat

Why a Trabiss International machine:

  • European quality and CE

  • Professional assistance and advise

  • Solution oriented

  • Including basic software and machine training

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