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The versatile Maxi Flex is the ideal fabricator stand. The large 12" (30 cm) vee head and heavy duty five-legged design offers the welder a maximum margin of safety on pipe up to 36" (900 mm). With optional accessories, such as the heavy duty casters and Hold-Down Device, pipes can be wheeled with ease from storage rack... to welding bay... and onto the shipping dock. This means the load is lifted only once, resulting in a reduction of 50% or more in handling costs. This Pipe Jack Stand is great for leveling loads for fit-up, or use with a pipe rotator.


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Pipe Jack Stand Maxi Flex

682,00 €Price
  • Technical Details:

    • Min. height: 775 mm
    • Max. height: 1.080 mm
    • Weight: 55 kg
  • Advantages / Properties:

    • Large, convenient adjustment handle
    • Optional casters enable pipe to be easily wheeled around in the shop or on the job
    • Several optional large vee head styles
    • Jack independently load tested for quality assurance
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