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ECOGAS 4.0, Electronic Gas Regulator for MIG/MAG Welding Machines.


Shipment within 15-25 business day.


Our new ECO-GAS 4.0 is a gas controller integrated system, it regulates the gas flow automatically according to the actual welding parameters being measured and adjusted during the welding process. It also show the actual gas flow, accumulated gas consumption. 


 Control and reduce overal welding process costs and ensure the correct supplying of gas to the weld process are the main objectives of ECO-GAS. This are all main worries of the manufacturing industry in the continous persuit for lower costs and high quality and efficience. 


It's primary function, which is the expressive gas economization. between 40%-60% savings on protection gas.
Managed data:


• Welding current
• Pressure and flow of shielding gas
• Instant flow
• Accumulated flow
• Pre and post gas flow


Features included,


  • WIFI network connection
  • controlled and monitored through simple Software


Ask for a demo or more info and our sales representatives will assist you accordingly.

Electronic Gas Regulator for MIG/MAG Welding Machines ECOGAS

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