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The Eco Tube 55-T is equipped with a patented technology magnetic base and offers particularly strong grip even on steel as thin as 3mm. The "patent-pending" foot with rotating magnets makes it possible to place the machine on tube material with a diameter of 80 mm and larger without any effort. This magnetic base does not need any electricity, so that available amperage can be used entirely for the motor. In addition, this offers extra safety: in case of accidental loss of voltage, the machine will not come loose from the workpiece.


With a powerfull 1600W motor the TUBE. 55-T is able to drill holes up to 55 mm diameter quickly and efficiently.


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Magnetic Drill for pipes Eco Tube 55-T

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  • Technical details:

    • Annular cutters: Ø 12 - 55 mm
    • Twist drills: Ø 1 - 13 mm
    • Length: 320 mm
    • Width 210 mm
    • Heigth: 523-693 mm
    • Stroke: 170 mm
    • Weight: 17,6 kg
    • Magnet: 255x239x82 mm
    • Magnetic force: 860 kg
    • Motor power: 1.600 W
    • Gesamtleistung: 1.700 W
    • Speed (no load) 185-530 U/min
    • Speed (load): 250-460 U/min
    • Spindle: MT3 19,05 mm Weldon
    • Voltage: 110 - 120 V / 50-60 Hz | 220 - 240 V / 50-60 Hz
    • No electricity required for magnetic base
    • For flat and round (as from Ø 80mm /3 1/2“) surface
    • No special attachments needed
    • Highly stable wide stance
    • Two separate magnets which allows the machine to swing away for hole inspection debris removal without losing position
    • Integrated oil bath gearbox
    • External access to auto shut-off carbon brushes
    • Digital power read-out display & Smart Restart technology
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