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TI-3015F Fiber laser cutting machine


The TI-3015F fiber laser cutting machine with an effective laser range of 3000 × 1500 mm, is a medium-sized fiber laser cutting machine for cutting metal sheets.


With the combination of user-friendliness with high-quality technology, this is a very suitable machine for medium-sized and large companies, construction companies, mechanization companies and metal production companies.


With the special laser head, 0.5 – 10 mm stainless steel can be cut (depending on the laser power chosen).

Can be supplied in open or closed design.

Quality and durability


The TI-3015F fiber laser cutting machine is our own design and European-built machine! We build and develop the machine with passion, an eye for quality and attention to technical details. That is why we guarantee a very long service life and ease of operation.


The machines are still being developed with the latest technologies to this day. The separate console with control panel is mobile and ergonomically designed.



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Price from € 40.000,- excl. vat

Why a Trabiss International machine:

  • European quality and CE

  • Professional assistance and advise

  • Solution oriented

  • Including basic software and machine training

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