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Optional Rolls in different material for working with Special alloys with the PRO ROLL Pipe Stand.


Gum Rolls, Carbon Steel Rolls and Stainless Steel Rolls.


Prices per Set of 2.


If you are interested please get in touch with us at for your product inquiry or more information.

Optional Quick Change Rolls for PRO ROLL Pipe Stand

0,00 €Price
  • Technical Details:

    • Capacity: 900 kg (steel-& stainless steel rollers), 550 kg (rubber rollers)
    • Weight: 3,6 kg (steel-& stainless steel rollers) 3,2 kg (rubber rollers)
  • Advantages / Properties:

    • Increase the utility of its roller stand product line
    • Roller housings can be changed in a snap, without tools
    • Roller wheels available in steel, stainless steel or rubber
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