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Pipe Bevelling Machine MF3-EF

Pipe Bevelling Machine for easy-to-fit pipe welding

The future of pipe welding for high pressure pipes

Easy to fit is the new welding solution for pipes and fittings, which enables considerable savings throughout the supply chain and can thereby boost the profit in the pipe welding process.



  • Reduction of the total cost of producing a weld seam

  • No more alignment, pipes are “ready to weld”

  • Can be repeated reliable for process stability

  • Welding material is saved

  • Perfect welding work regardless of employees' qualifications

Technical details:

Min. Pipe inside diameter: 36 mm / 1,41"

Max. wall thickness: 10 mm / 0,39"

Materials: steel, stainless steel, duplex, high alloyed

Innovations like Easy-to-Fit can only be achieved with close end user contacts and an in-depth understanding of the corresponding application. Together with an Austrian customer who was prepared to take a revolutionary path from the beginning, the innovation was created. Nowadays many DWT customers use this brilliant system with big benefits and increase their competitiveness.




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Application MF3-EF


Special Tool for Easy-to-fit suitable for Pipe Beveler OD mount


Pipe Bevelling Machine MF3-EF

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