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MF2-25 Pipe Bevelling Machine

Pipe Bevelling Machine MF2-25

The big advantage of the MF2-25 is that membrane walls down to a size of Ø 20mm can be bevelled with tool tip crown milling heads. The minimum membrane wall width is only 37,0 mm.

  • Reduction of the total cost of producing a weld seam

  • No more alignment, pipes are “ready to weld”

  • Can be repeated reliable for process stability

  • Welding material is saved

  • Perfect welding preperations work regardless of employees' qualifications



Working range ID-OD: 12,5 - 38 mm / 0,314 - 1,496"

Clamping range OD-OD: 20 - 38 mm / 0,787 - 1,496"

Max. wall-thickness: 15 mm / 0,59"

Feed: 25 mm / 0,98"

Weight with electric motor: 7,6 kg / 16,7 lb

Weight with pneumatic motor: 6,4 kg / 14,1 lb

Weld prep: facing, V-prep

Materials: steel, stainless steel, duplex, high alloyed

Tooling: tool bits, TiN inserts, custom bits

Machine body: Aluminium alloy

Pneumatic motor:

Power: 850 W / 1,2 HP

Air pressure: 6 bar / 87 psi

Air consumption: 0,96 m3/min / 33,9 cfm

Hose connection: 1/4" / 1/4"

Features: speed control

Electric motor:                    

Power consumption: 1.500 W (110V/230V) / 2,0 HP

Features: speed adjustment, torque control, restar/overload protection


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Pipe Bevelling Machine MF2-25



MF2-25 Application

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