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DLW HD 48-57" Clamshell Cutter & beveller

Essential tools for the Pipe fitter and Welder

RSW International, as the Official Distributor for DWT - PIPE TOOLS in Portugal, offers you the perfect solution for Cold Pipe cutting and beveling in your Pipe Shop or in the field.

Pipe edge preparation is the first and important step in the pipe welding process. Especially for heavy wall pipes the weld edge of the pipe end must be in a perfect shape to achieve the best welding result.

Cold Pipe Cutter & Beveler for heavy wall steel pipe in pipe and pipeline welding operations:

Type DLW-HD 48-57"

The clamshell pipe cold cutter has been developed for high metal removal rate, a large adjustment range for a huge diameter and an easy setup in-site. The portable Clamshell Lathe Cutter for pipe cutting and bevelling avoids heat affected zone (haz) in pipe cutting process. Designed for heavy wall pipes in heavy duty (HD) applications. The high working speed and quick set up provides fast operation on-site. The DLW-HD clamshell lathe cutter is able to operate safe and precise in most critical applications. A rigid frame construction in combination with high quality steel pinion gear and bearings provide a rugged combination for most challenging work.

The split frame cutters can be mounted on assembled streches of pipes. Special applications like remote control are available for limited access in pipeline welding and piping.

Superior cutting tools for clamshell cold cutters:

Developed in cooperation with German universities the tool bit solutions for pipe cold cut and bevel provide an outperforming result in cold cutting methods:

  • High metal remove rate

  • More durable cutter, reduction of consumables

  • Low cost of cutting tools

 Pipe cutter operations:

  • Machining Cutting of heavy duty pipes by use of two cutters

  • Different types of cold bevelling weld preparation by use of HSS form steels

  • Simultaneously cut and bevel of heavy wall pipes

  • Simultaneously bevel of both pipe ends (depending on wall-thickness)

Technical features of clamshell pipe cold cutter machine:

The drives are a basic component of the pipe cutter machine in terms of reliability and productivity. All motors are west European or US standard. An adapter allows easy exchange of all motor types and sizes (pneumatic, hydraulic). The automatic feed mechanism allows a stable and constant work progress. Different drives, like pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical drives are possible options.

If you can't find what you are looking for here, don't hesitate to contact us at or use our contactform and ask for a solution that fits your needs.

DLW HD 48-57" Clamshell Cutter & beveller

  • Pipe cold cutters with split-frame technology for endless pipes

  • Compact dimensions for use in confined work spaces with limited access

  • Quick and safe clamping and adjustment for pipeline welding

  • Rigid pipe cold cutter for pipeline welding

  • High metal remove rate

  • Cutting of heavy duty pipes by use of two cutters

  • Different types of cold beveling weld preparation by use of HSS form steels

  • Simultaneously cut and bevel of heavy wall pipes

  • Simultaneously bevel of both pipe ends (depending on wall-thickness)

Pipe Cold Cutting and Beveling:

✓ Pipe Cold Cutting Machine
✓ Clamshell Pipe Cold Cutter
✓ Several Equipments
✓ Machining of pipes on- site



The frame is separable in two ring halves to permit an easy assembly. Located on the frame are the seat of the grooved ball bearing for the rotating head, an adapter for the motor, a protective shield for the gear ring and clamping feet to clamp the machine.

Split Gear:
The parting line of the Split Gear and the parting line of the frame has to be aligned before starting the disassembly. The rotating head is designed as a gear ring at its outer diameter and has a locating hole for the tool carriage.  

The drive is fixed with the pinion on the frame. The drive and the drive flange with the gear are of rugged design to allow high reaction moments.

Grooved ball bearing:
The rotating head runs on precision grooved ball bearings to reduce the axial and radial tolerance.

Tool carriage:
The tool carriage has a seat for the working tools. The tool carriage is fixed on the rotating head and implies the feed spindle with gear and adjustable carriage guide block.

Clamping feet:
The clamping feet are adjusted and fixed by grub screws at the outer diameter of the frame. On request different special clamping feet are available.

Pipe Cutting and Beveling Machine type CPC-B

For bigger pipes and heavier wall thicknesses,

Working Range OD: 6" (150 mm) - 276" (7.010 mm)

Wall thickness: Max. 2" (50 mm)


we offer the CPC-B Cutting machines check out more details here,

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