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Fiber laser cutting machines


A Fiber laser cutting machine is superior to the CO2 laser cutting machines. This is mainly due to the higher intensity of the laser spot and the very small kerf width of the laser beam (<0.2 mm). The small kerf width in combination with the speed and chosen cutting gas, there is hardly any heat input into the material. That is why with a fiber laser cutting machine you have less chance of warping thin sheet material.

Long lifespan


Compared to the CO2 laser cutting machines, a fiber has more advantages such as the long service life (up to 5 times longer than a CO2 laser source) and due to the lack of mirrors to lead the laser beam to the head, there is also less maintenance.

For which material is a  laser cutting machine suitable

Our Fiber laser cutting machines are extremely suitable for laser cutting various types of steel and stainless steel.

The fiber lasers are very suitable for cutting stainless steel and steel, but not for wood or plastic.

Cutting gas


There are a number of cutting gas types that are often used for cutting metal

  • Compressed air

  • Oxygen

  • Nitrogen

The gas is selected based on material, thickness of the material and power of the laser. For cutting stainless steel with a very nicely finished cutting edge and little burr, nitrogen is often used as cutting gas.

For whom ?


Thanks to the high quality and user-friendliness, our laser cutting machines are very popular with schools, training institutions, advertising companies, industrial design agencies, small and medium-sized production companies, sheet metal work and machine building companies.

What size machine do you need ?


We supply various types of Fiber laser cutting machines with a closed housing. The laser machines are named after the effective range of the laser head. This means the maximum size that the machine can handle.


  • Fiber> 300 Watt – 2 kW (cutting from 2 to 10 mm stainless steel)


Our laser cutting machine come complete with:


  • Basic training to familiarize you with your machine

  • Fiber laser source (300 Watt -2kW)

  • Laser controller for controlling the movement

  • Laser software (Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible)

  • Servo motors for accurate and fast positioning

  • Special laser head with automatic height control

  • Very stable mechanical construction

  • Air compressor with 24-liter reservoir for cooling the laser head.

  • Electric valve (s) for the cutting gas

  • Ventilator for extracting smoke and gases (advice: laser extraction system)

  • Cutting table with removable strips

Air extraction needed


Laser cutting machines bring many small (micro) particles of cut material into the air. You have to extract these very harmful particles very well.

We sell laser extraction and filter systems from TBH. TBH is a German company and market leader in high-quality extraction and filter technology for industrial and medical applications.

The filters (including HEPA and active carbon) ensure that even the smallest parts are filtered (up to 0.3 µm) and therefore do not harm your health.


Find your machine and request a quotation:

TI-1390F  (1300 x 900 mm)

TI-1510F  (1500 x 1000 mm)

TI-2010F  (2000 x 1000 mm)

TI-3015F  (3000 x 1500 mm)

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