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Laser marking machines


A fiber laser is a laser in which the active medium is an optical fiber (glass fiber) doped in metals such as ytterbium, neodymium, thulium or praseodymium. Laser diodes are used to add the energy to the fiber optic (pumping).


The fiber lasers have a fixed wavelength of 1,064 μm (1064 nm) and have a very small focus diameter so that their intensity is higher than CO2 lasers with the same radiated power.

Fiber laser marking machine or Fiber laser engraving machine?


What is the difference in engraving or marking? We get this question more and it also causes a lot of confusion. Engraving and marking is almost the same and means the durable application of text or images to a material such as metal, wood or plastic.


The difference between engraving and marking actually lies only in the depth of the engraving or marking. Engraving goes deeper into the material than marking. In short, a Fiber laser marking machine or a Fiber laser engraving machine is actually the same machine with the same possibilities and can both engrave and mark.

Mark directly on metal


Our fiber marking laser is mainly used for marking, engraving and cutting metals (direct). The advantage of the fiber marking laser is the durability, maintenance-free and the lower power consumption compared to the YAG laser.


The fiber marking laser works quickly and accurately and is therefore very suitable for production work and marking / engraving of small parts of metal or plastic. Fiber lasers cannot engrave glass. The laser passes through the glass due to the wavelength of 1,064 μm.

Color marking


Special fiber lasers (MOPA) can discolor plastics and metals and create color markings. This process is used for example on a water tap to indicate hot and cold water.

Long lifespan


Fiber lasers have an average lifespan of 50,000 – 100,000 hours. Our fiber marking lasers are widely used for processing data plates (type plates), product identification, serial numbers, engraving of gift articles and producing switch boards.


The industries using the marking machine are very divers like advertising companies, gift shops, engraving companies production companies, airplane maintenance and airplane manufacturers like Airbus, Embrear and Boeing.

We mainly supply 3 types of fiber marking laser machines:

Higher capacities and / or special requests such as on the fly marking, special construction and other laser sources such as YAG or CO2 can be supplied on request. Ask for a quotation.

Working range


We can supply the following lenses (the F-Theta lens determines the effective laser surface):

– 110 x 110 mm
– 150 x 150 mm
– 175 x 175 mm
– 200 x 200 mm *
– 300 x 300 mm *

* A larger marking area gives less accuracy. It is recommended to keep this as small as possible when using a galvanometric scanning head.

The fiber laser marking machine is supplied complete including:

– Fiber laser
– Professional controller system
– PC with SSD hard drive, low energy consumption system. Monitor, keyboard and mouse
– Highlight software
– Imported servo motors and drives from Japan
– Red dot pointer (red laser point for indicating zero point)
– Auto-focus
– Galvanometric scanning head
– Focus lens
– Safe housing with LED lighting, special laser safety window, user-friendly design and connection to air extraction
– Training to familiarize you with your machine
– 2 year warranty


Find your machine and request a quotation:




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